Live Online Evening Class

September 2022 – June 2023

Introduction & Module 1

List of contacts, Pyramid & Library Model,

Inductions & Deepeners


Module 2

Critical Faculty, Suggestibility,

Suggestion Scripts


Module 3

TFL Loops, Don’t Want/Do Want, 

The E.S.C.A.P.E. Method – Core Beliefs


Module 4

Fluid Questions

Andrew Newton Induction/Deepener


Module 5

Specific Past-Present Tense

Regression to “Happy Place”


Module 6

Resistance, Regression – 

“Follow the Feeling”


Module 7

Inner Child

Parts Therapy

Module 8

Complete Stop Smoking Therapy


Module 9

Weight Loss, Magic Glade


Module 10

Quantum Mechanics, Past Life Regression,

The Tunnel Test


Module 11

NLP – Anchoring, Swish, Fast Phobia/Rewind


Module 12

Placebo, The Saliva Technique, “Go Inside” Method


Module 13

Children – ‘Blow Away’ Technique


Module 14

Milton Erickson, Metaphors


Module 15

Psychosis, Marketing

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